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CarbonX CO Detector

Stay Safe Anywhere with DAB-TEK Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector - Includes 2 Long-Life Batteries, LED Indicator, Test & Silence Button!

- Easy to Use: The LED indicator, test button, and silence button make it easy to use the DAB-TEK Carbon Monoxide Detector. You can quickly and easily test the detector to ensure it's working properly, and silence any false alarms.
- Long-Lasting Batteries: The DAB-TEK Carbon Monoxide Detector comes with two long-life batteries included, so you can rest assured that your detector will be ready when you need it. The batteries are easy to replace when needed, ensuring that your detector is always powered and ready to go.

The DAB-TEK Carbon Monoxide Detector is a must-have device for every home and traveler who cares about their safety. This portable carbon monoxide detector comes with two long-life batteries, ensuring that it is always ready to use. The LED indicator on the device informs you of the carbon monoxide levels, and the test and silence buttons make it easy to test and silence the alarm. This detector is perfect for travel, as it is compact and easy to pack. With the DAB-TEK Carbon Monoxide Detector, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe from the silent killer, carbon monoxide.